Suzuki unveils new DF350A, their largest and most powerful outboard engine yet

The ultimate 4 Stroke outboard engine has arrived


Suzuki Marine calls it a Revolution in Innovation as they release their largest and most powerful outboard the company has build to date. The DF350A is a 350 horsepower V6 four-stroke built on a 4.4L block and weighing 727 pounds. The powerful new engine represents a significant milestone in both engineering and design.

In development for more than three years, the Suzuki DF350A features a high-performance 12.0:1 compression ratio, which is the highest ever for a production outboard engine. Engine knocks are virtually eliminated with the unique combination of dual fuel injectors, cool air intake, and a strengthening of the pistons.

“While these new engines feature a lot of new and innovative technology, they also take advantage of Suzuki’s proven systems,” added Mr. Osawa. “We wouldn’t call them The Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboards without building in superior reliability and dependability over the long haul.”


Perhaps the most compelling feature of the new DF350A is its contra-rotating three-blade propellers. While contra-rotating props have been used on inboard pod installations for years, the big Suzuki marks their first appearance on a production outboard. The dual propellers provide three key benefits, compact size, increased stability and greater “traction.”

The new high performance engine also feature a slew of design enhancements including a Dual Louver System, Direct Air Intake, Dual Injectors, and Advanced Piston Technology. Like Suzuki’s other V6 outboards, the DF350A features Suzuki’s offset driveshaft engine layout, which allows for a more compact outboard and two-stage gear reduction. Two-stage gear reduction provides a larger reduction gear ratio (2.29:1) and more torque for quick acceleration, and improvements in top speed, as well. (It is worth noting that the DF350A can be mounted 27-inches on center, so it will fit on more transoms, and take up less space in twin, triple and quad installations.)


 Available in a choice of black or white finishes and fully NMEA 2000-compliant, the new engine runs on standard 90-octane fuel.

Manufactured in Suzuki’s Toyokawa plant in Japan, the DF350A begins shipping to U.S. dealers in July.


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