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Talon Marine Services offers a full line of SeaArk boats that are customizable to meet your specific boating needs. With over 52 years of boat building experience, SeaArk is an all-welded durable aluminum fishing boat that comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 14 - 26 feet long. A variety of models are available, backed by one of the best warranties among aluminum boat companies.

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SeaArk River Extreme Series

For those extreme fishermen who demand more from their boat, the SeaArk River Extreme RX Series is the perfect fishing boat for you! When your number one objective is catching fish, you don’t need a lot of unnecessary things getting in the way. The RX Series will help you complete your fishing objectives without all the unnecessary hassle. Your time is valuable so if you’re looking for a low maintenance boat, the RX Series is for you. Also available in the River Extreme Tunnel hull series.

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SeaArk Coastal Series

The SeaArk's Coastal series is a stable wide-bottom boat that's perfect for coastal or large lake water fishing. Choose between 3 degree or 15 degree hull bottoms with a spacious interior. All Coastal models feature live wells, storage, and built-in fuel tanks. Other options include side or center console with a variety of seating options to help you reel in that perfect catch.

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SeaArk Jon Series

They say big things come in small packages and that's no exception with the SeaArk Jon Series of boats. Designed from .100 gauge aluminum with oversized one piece extruded ribs and a 3/16" extruded keel, helps where the boat can take the most abuse. Modified vee jet tunnel hull boats, designed for shallow water, are available to be customized with a wide variety of options and accessories. Check out the smallest SeaArk offered and find a great small jon boat that will last.

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