Suzuki Marine Executives visit Talon Marine Servies

Talon Marine Services in Oviedo Florida was the focus of attention for Suzuki Marine Vice President George “Gus” Blakely and Factory Coordinator/Market Research Manager, Atsushi “Michael” Sugimura. Quite possibly the biggest names in the Suzuki family, Gus and Michael wanted to personally visit Talon’s boat shop. Their arrival prompted many smiles and congratulatory hand shakes for […]

Cutting Edge Award Winner 2018 – Suzuki Marine Service of Excellence Award

Talon Marine Services of Oviedo, Florida has exceeded Suzuki Marine’s Super Service Award by winning the 2018 Cutting Edge Award! The Cutting Edge Award acknowledges Suzuki Marine Dealers who surpass the already high standards of the Super Service Award. Only one Cutting Edge Award is presented to the top Super Service Dealer within each service district. Talon […]

Suzuki Outboard Winter Sales EVENT | Orlando

WARM YOUR WINTER WITH THE SUZUKI WINTER SALES EVENT A warm Florida winter means more of the salt life! Talon Marine Services is continuing their Suzuki Outboard sales with a special offer for the 2019 boat show season!. Warm winter deals on new Suzuki outboard boat engines make it easier to own a new Suzuki ending […]

Suzuki Autumn Sales Event 2018 | Orlando Boat Sales Event

KICK OFF AUTUMN WITH SAVINGS FROM SUZUKI OUTBOARD ENGINES Fall is coming and now is the time to capture those savings with the Autumn Suzuki Sales Event. Talon Marine Services is offering cool savings on Suzuki boat engines for your new or used boat. Start the season right with a new outboard engine to help […]

Suzuki Summer Sales Event 2018 | Orlando Boat Sales

SAVE BIG THIS SUMMER WITH SUZUKI ENGINES With the head wave in full effect, gain some cool cash with the Suzuki Summer Savings event! Talon Marine Services is offering HOT deals on Suzuki Outboard engines to repower your boat! It’s time to let your boat do the talking as you enjoy the salt life and […]

Suzuki Spring Sales Event 2018 | Orlando Boat Sales

SPRING IS HERE AND SO ARE THE SAVINGSAs the weather heats up, don’t miss these great offers from Suzuki Marine and Talon Marine Services! New deals on Suzuki Outboard engines are making it easier than ever to repower your new boat today! Time to burn off those tan lines and loose that gut as you […]

Suzuki Winter Sales Event 2018 | Orlando Boating

BEAT THE CHILL WITH SUZUKI WINTER SAVINGSWinter is upon us but the boating deals are heating up!  Talon Marine Services and Suzuki Outboards are offering unbelievable discounts. Great deals on new outboard boat engines make it easier than ever to repower your boat. This deal will give you peace of mind as you recover from […]

Suzuki Fall Sales Event 2017 – Orlando Repower

DIVE INTO FALL WITH SAVINGS Summer is over and it’s time to stress about the holidays! This means saving are in season and your bank account is the target. The good news Orlando, Suzuki and Talon Marine Services are making it easier than ever to Repower your boat with a new Suzuki Outboard! This deal will […]

Suzuki Summer Sales Event 2017

SUZUKI SUMMER REPOWER SALES EVENT ON ALL NEW BOAT MOTORSTake advantage of the best summer sales event ever! Suzuki is offering great deals and specials on Suzuki outboard engines. If you’re looking to get a new boat motor, now is the time! Enjoy six years of protection at no extra charge on all new outboards 25hp to 300hp. […]

Suzuki unveils new DF350A, their largest and most powerful outboard engine yet

The ultimate 4 Stroke outboard engine has arrived   Suzuki Marine calls it a Revolution in Innovation as they release their largest and most powerful outboard the company has build to date. The DF350A is a 350 horsepower V6 four-stroke built on a 4.4L block and weighing 727 pounds. The powerful new engine represents a significant […]